The Voice of the Turtle Episode 32: Brad Ausmus and the Tigers are going streaking

After a rather somber episode following a six-game losing streak against the Indians and Rangers, the long layoff may have helped, as the Tigers appear to have turned things around just in the nick of time.

With a four-game winning streak in tow, your fearless co-hosts talk about the week that was in Tigers baseball, look ahead to the next month of action, and talk about how this Tigers team is shaping up after 40 games. Notably, manager Brad Ausmus is still around, the offense is starting to perk up, and the bullpen's mini-implosion was just that.

Did we mention that Brad Ausmus is still around?

Among the more important developments in the last week was Steven Moya's call-up. Were the naysayers right about the Tigers' most divisive prospect, or has he actually turned a corner? When will Shane Greene return to action? Can the Tigers get to the playoffs with this starting rotation? All of these questions (and more!) are covered in this week's show.

Topics in this week's episode include:

- The East coast is a terrible place full of horrible announcers
- Facing Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer is not fun
- Camden Yards is a weird ballpark that destroys bullpens
- Playing the Twins is fun!
- How many former Tigers pitchers can you name?
- Whether the Phillies are actually any good
- Why is Brad Ausmus still here?
- Listener questions!
- Who could actually replace Brad Ausmus?
- Taking the team's temperature after 40 games


1:56 - Rounding the Bases: aiming for break-even
41:23 - Warming in the Pen: put on your Smyly face!
1:04:50 - High and Tight: Fire Ausmus! Wait! No, don't!
1:33:57 - Into the Mob Scene at Home: goodbye to Gose?
1:48:25 - The 7th Inning Kvetch: the 40-game benchmark test

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