The Voice of the Turtle Episode 44: The Tebow-free zone

We took a week off to see if that would help the Tigers kick-start a massive winning streak. Spoiler alert: it didn't work.

When you stop watching baseball for over a week, and your team's win percentage looks pretty much exactly the same upon your return, that's probably not a good sign -- at least, not this late in August, and not when your team is struggling just to nail down a second wild card spot.

In this week's episode, Rob Rogacki and HookSlide do a "deep dive" into the same-old-same-old, breaking down the series against the Red Sox, Twins, and White Sox. Is Justin Upton's recent hot streak for real this time? Is the bullpen finally done being more wobbly than a drunk unicyclist with vertigo?

There's also a preview of the upcoming series against the Royals and White Sox (yes, we're playing them again that soon), and the matchups are not so favorable for our Motor City team. Can the Tigers knock the Orioles out of the way and claim that second wild card spot? Well, we're getting ahead of ourselves and will have to wait until next week's show to discuss that.

Topics in this week's episode include:

- Justin Upton -- hot or not?
- Sad Hawk Harrelson clips
- Mad Hawk Harrelson clips
- Alex Wilson is good again
- Miguel Cabrera is having an awesome second half
- The offense is SO F*CKING STREAKY
- Which umpires are the best at #UmpShow
- Does this team really have the pitching to compete in September?
- A bunch of injured guys are coming back soon, maybe that will help
- JaCoby Jones is a Tiger, finally
- Cameron Maybin is great when he's healthy, which he rarely is, so ... he's not great?
- The return of the Pelfrey


2:22 - Rounding the Bases: here we go again
29:45 - Warming in the Pen: the Tigers are jogging through the playoff race
42:30 - High and Tight: meet your 2016 Detroit Tigers, all over again
1:02:09 - Into the Mob Scene at Home: the best ump show on the flat planet

Be sure to send your thoughts, suggestions, and questions for our next show. We're on Twitter at @hookslide23 and @BYBRob!

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