The Voice of the Turtle, Episode 66: How to trade an entire team

The Detroit Tigers' 2017 season is, sad to say, already done. As we enter the All Star Break, the team is only a game out of last place, try to somehow stay ahead of the rebuilding Chicago White Sox for the annual title of Basement Dwellers of the AL Central. This isn't where we expected to be, but here we are, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to talk about how to trade the most valuable players and inject some new, young, prospect-y talent into the organization.

And that's pretty much all that HookSlide and Rob talk about in this episode. Well, that and some of the worst hot takes we've seen on the Internet in the past week.

What can the Tigers realistically expect to get in exchange for J.D. Martinez? What about Justin Wilson? Can they get even more if they bundle those two guys together? How favorable is the seller's market this season anyway? We talk about all of that, plus listener questions, as well as our favorite Tigers-related All Star Game memories and some Home Run Derby talk as well.

Topics in this week's episode include:
- Justin Verlander is not as non-tradable as you think
- Why aren't more teams inquiring about JD Martinez?
- The Yankees got top-shelf prospects for Aroldis Chapman last year, but Justin Wilson isn't Aroldis Chapman
- Why you should stop listening to sports radio for the rest of the season
- Trade Michael Fulmer? Are you nuts?
- Keith Law isn't impressed with our top prospects, but he's wrong
- Favorite Tigers-related All Star Game memories
- Home Run Derby picks
- The hottest of hot takes on the Internet
- Brad Ausmus won't be back in 2018, unless he somehow is

Be sure to send your thoughts, suggestions, and questions for our next show. We're on Twitter at @vottpodcast, @hookslide23 and @BYBRob!

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