The Voice of the Turtle, Episode 72: Exit Stage Left

Well this is it, friends, it's our final episode of The Voice of the Turtle. All good things must come to an end eventually, so after three fun-filled years of Detroit Tigers podcasting, HookSlide and Rob are hanging up their cleats. A huge thank-you to all of our listeners, especially the ones who were there from the start and provided us with so much feedback and interaction. You truly were "the other half of the conversation!"

Before we go, however, here's one last episode: HookSlide and Rob talk about the 2017 Tigers and whether this season can be considered a success in any way (spoiler: it can, if you squint). The team was long overdue to start a true rebuild, and 2017 pushed them -- finally and fully -- down that path. As a bonus, the team will get the first overall pick in the 2018 MLB draft, and we talk about why that's a really good thing, above and beyond the obvious "we'd like to have that first overall pick."

We also talk about the end of the Ausmus Regime and what comes next, who the Tigers could and should hire, and whether that even matters for the immediate future. And of course, we tackle questions from our listeners, including "Why do you hate us?"

Topics in this week's episode include:
- Was 2017 a good year for the Tigers?
- It's never too early to think about the 2018 MLB draft
- Favorite memories from recent years of Tigers' dominance
- Why Rob really, really needs the Houston Astros to win the World Series
- Brad Ausmus is out, and probably all of his coaches with him -- now what?
- Just how brutal is 2018 going to be?

Be sure to send your thoughts, suggestions, and questions for our next show. We're on Twitter at @vottpodcast, @hookslide23 and @BYBRob!

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